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Mobile Car Cleaners is in the business of making all manner of vehicles look their best.
With over 20 years of enthusiast experience and passion.
All manner of vehicles, corporates, classics, prestige, 4x4's, Mobile homes to Horse Floats,
Sml buses or Horticulture vehicles and equipment.
Super eye for detail, fastidious and professional, reliable and a little funny..
Your vehicle will be in the very best of care for the very best of value.

About Us

Mobile Car Cleaners commenced in 1995 with local man Ray Meredith in Kingston, sevicing the needs of personal and business clients in and around the city. Today, Jason continues the detailing business with reliable, great service and superior value for money with the convenience of a MOBILE service. There is also a facility in Mountain River for more serious detailing services.

With over 20 years experience loving and detailing cars, Jason uses a fastidious eye for detail with quality products to produce magical results. Your car will look so good, you might think our business should be advertised under 'Cleaning Magician'. Fortunately for you there is such a thing, but it's not prestidigitation.

Mobile Car Cleaners and Detailing is the Southern most car detailer in the country.

Conscious of the need to protect our clients and ourselves, we are a fully insured business.

Over the years we have detailed vehicles all over the South of the state for personal and business clients with various needs. We operate from base camp Mountain River in the Huon Valley, generally out to a 60km radius.

Detailing Services

Express Clean and Vacuum
starting from $65 *
1-2 hrs
Shampoo wash, detail and fluff dry, basic wheel wash and blacken tyres, clean all trim rubber and outside glass. Interior quick vac and freshen. Medium Detail. Sm from $65 Med $85 upto Lg from $95
Basic Detail
starting from $140 *
2-4 hrs
Pressure clean and Shampoo wash, detail and blow dry, wash / detail wheels, blacken tyres, clean all trim/chrome, rubber and outside glass. Interior detailed vac, clean and freshen. Great Detail. Sm from $140 Med $180 upto Lg from $240
Complete Detail
starting from $220*
4-6 hrs
(This service is ideal for those preparing their car for resale)
A Full-On, climb into every crevis detail with greater attention on exterior and full interior treatment be it leather, vinyl or fabric. Includes 2 stage polish and wax. Clean and prep door jambs, boot/hatch and vents, visual underneath clean front to back. Fluff shampoo and clean carpet interior w/o or leather condition. from Sm $220 Med $280 Lg $320+
Exterior Show n Shine
starting from $150*
3-5 hrs
Cut and polish. Small car $150, $220+ for Med SUV and larger 4x4. Includes an Express exterior clean plus 2 stage cut and polish of exterior paint. Clay prep ++ at request for serious results.
Interior detail and Shampoo
starting from $110*
2-3 hrs
Intense interior detail. Front and rear Seats, all Carpets and Mats shampooed and deodorized. Includes door trims, frames and jambs, console, dash, foot wells, headd lining and inside windows.
Other value added services
Call for specific pricing *
Wedding car preparation
Polishing any Paint, Chrome and Aluminium
Light scratch removal through to show n shine polish
Extraction of Liquids, Smells, Dog Hair, etc

* Prices dependent on size and start condition of vehicle on a scale of 1 - 5, 5 being the messiest.

Regular cleaning schedule available on bi monthly or quarterly basis.

Are you serious?

Sure can be. You can have your vehicle bathed in the most luxurious nano-suds and detailed with the softest boars hair brush. I can use polish made by gentlemen in a little German village and wax with the purest Brazilian Carnauba that has a gloss to rival water. Your leather can be massaged with the finest Sweedish conditioners, your glass polished like Waterford and the carpet freshened with spearmint water to smell brand spankin' new ... I can even detail the engine bay that would make Ted Ballpit smile ... seriously


Jason Churchman
0409 258 384

Bookings important
Over 20 years of enthusiast experience and passion
Servicing Southern Tasmania
Family business values
Fully Insured

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